Automatic adjustment device to reduce computer fan noise

This is an automatic adjustment device that can reduce the noise of computer fans. It is provided with a circuit board containing a fan control circuit, so that the circuit board can be inserted upright behind the heat sink of the power transistor on the power supply for computers, and a pre- The designed thermistor is placed in front of the teaching heating plate, and a gap is reserved, so that when a high temperature occurs, the thermistor can automatically adjust the voltage according to the temperature rise and fall, and can also be adjusted with the variable resistor. After the first and second amplification of the two transistors, the fan is driven to dissipate heat. When the temperature is low, the fan can be stopped or the fan speed can be slowed down. And greatly reduce the fan noise, but also prolong the life of the fan, more effective energy saving.

Because the computer host uses multiple power transistors and related transformers, the power supply will have a heat problem after working for a period of time. In addition to installing heat sinks, the power transistors usually need to be dissipated by fans.

The existing computer, in order to prevent the occurrence of heat generation, is designed so that the cooling fan will continue to rotate after the computer is turned on, so as to achieve the function of heat dissipation, but it also has many disadvantages due to its continuous rotation. For example, due to the continuous rotation of the fan, continuous noise will be generated, which directly affects the work of the computer design or the operator, and energy is wasted due to the continuous rotation of the computer fan.

What is more obvious is that when the computer is used for a long time, not only its essential components will heat up seriously, but also the motor of its cooling fan will also heat up. Such a vicious circle will make the entire computer unable to operate normally at room temperature, and cause unexpected damage.

The purpose of this automatic adjustment device is to provide an effect that can reduce the noise of the computer fan. A circuit device is inserted next to the heat sink of the power transistor of the computer power supply, and a thermistor can be placed between the heat sinks. It can accurately sense the temperature change and drive the above circuit device, so that the fan can be driven to dissipate heat when the set temperature is reached, and when the temperature does not reach a certain temperature, the fan will stop or reduce its rotation. The surface can reduce the noise generated when the fan rotates, and can also save power.

The advantage of the automatic adjustment device is that a fan adjustment circuit is inserted into the heat sink of the computer power supply, so that the fan speed can be adjusted to increase, slow down or stop the fan speed according to the change of temperature. Its obvious advantages include effectively reducing the computer fan. The noise generated by the action is more energy-saving and smooth and intermittent with the temperature, and the life of the entire computer body is increased, which is an improvement on the existing computer equipment ventilation device.

Post time: Jun-10-2022