Computer fan failure and how to deal with it

In the days of our life, we often encounter computer defects, especially when the seasons are replaced, computer problems are more frequent, especially the cooling fans have the most problems, so what specific problems will the computer cooling fans show, and how to deal with them The computer fan doesn’t work.
The biggest reason is that the oil-impregnated bearing has entered the dust, the lubrication has dried up, and the lubricating fluid has lost its lubricating effect. So scrolling is not smooth. The fan rolls fine, but doesn’t dissipate heat well: this is more common on small heatsinks for the simple reason that there is dust between the cooling fins. At this time, you need to remove the cooling fan and clean the radiator with a brush.
When the computer is turned on, it is very noisy, and then it quiets down after scrolling for a while: this phenomenon is more common in winter. The reason is also that the lubricating fluid is mixed with dust, and the viscosity becomes larger in the cold state, and the lubricating effect will be lost. After the DC cooling fan has been used for a period of time, it generates heat due to conflict, and the fluidity of the lubricating fluid increases after being heated, and it returns to normal.

The noise of the computer fan suddenly becomes very loud: when encountering this kind of problem, the first thing to think about the AC cooling fan is whether the fan has a cracked blade. The solution is to buy a new computer cooling fan and replace it, which is more cost-effective than replacing the entire radiator. Some people advocate adding oil to the bearing, but I don’t recommend it. Since the bearing has not been cleaned, adding lubricating oil can only make it feel better at the time, but it cannot solve the fundamental problem, and it will return to its original posture after a long time.

Post time: Jul-20-2022