Supercharged DC cooling fan

Supercharged DC cooling fan

The cooling fan includes a booster fan, also called a linear fan, so how is it called a linear fan, which is named after the fan, that is, the wind that blows out is a straight line. The following is a detailed explanation of booster fans and ordinary cooling fans by the cooling fan manufacturer.

The booster fan is also a linear fan. As the name suggests, the wind blows out in a straight line. It changes the direction of the wind through a turbine-shaped scattered frame multiple wattles. This wattle is arc-shaped. After software design simulation, the fan blows out into a spiral, so as to achieve a straight line direction. It is characterized by a large negative pressure. , It blows far, but the noise and power are higher.

Ordinary fans are conventional, and there are generally less than three or four loose frames. The wind blowing is a horn-shaped one. Everyone knows what shape a horn is! I won’t say much here. Its characteristics are the same model, the same speed, so low noise, low power, the disadvantage is that the wind does not blow far.

When choosing a cooling fan, you must combine your product size and design structure. If the heating element is far away, try to consider a linear cooling fan (supercharged cooling fan).

Post time: Oct-14-2021