The source of CPU fan noise

Another external performance to measure the quality of the fan is the noise level. Just imagine, if the fan you bought is very noisy, even if the other performances of the fan are very good, you will not feel at ease, because too much noise will greatly affect our mood when operating the computer. The amount of noise is usually related to the power of the fan. Usually, the higher the power, the faster the rotation speed. At this time, a negative effect will appear, that is, noise. Therefore, when we buy a fan, we must listen to the noise of the fan. If it is too loud, it is better not to buy it; of course, the noise of the fan is not necessarily a problem with the quality of the fan, and it may also be that the lubrication effect of the fan shaft is not good. Or the fan is not installed properly, if this is the case, we’d better reposition the fan, or add some lubricant to the fan shaft to ensure that it is well lubricated. Nowadays, fans have invested in some designs to reduce noise, such as changing the angle of the fan blades, increasing the lubrication and stability of the fan shaft, etc. When we use lubricating oil to lubricate the bearing, it is easy to cause the machine to overheat and crash due to the short running time. In severe cases, the movement may be burned out. For this reason, many fans of good brands are now using ball bearings, which use many steel balls as a medium to reduce friction. This kind of ball fan is characterized by strong wind power, long life and low noise, but the cost is relatively high. Only high-end fans can use it. For ordinary fans, although they are called “bearings”, they are just bearings. Bearings, which consist of a copper jacket and a steel shaft, are completely different from “ball bearings”. In addition, the author would like to emphasize here that the rotation of the fan must be stable, otherwise it is easy to generate noise, so when we buy a fan, we must also remember to check whether the fan roller shaft is loose.

Post time: Dec-21-2022