PG-09 90mm Plastic finger guard 40,60,80,90,110,120,172,220,254mm fan guard

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Plastic Fan Grill
Fan Dust Cover
Fan Grill
Finger Fan Guard
Finger Grill
40,60,80,90,110,120,172,220,254mm fan guard
Reliable quality, great protection ,durable, different models are available

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1.Material : Plastic
2. Scope: Working temperature from-10 to +55 centigrade
3.Diameter : 60mm , 80mm , 90mm,120mm, 172mm,200mm,220mm etc.
4. Dust removal rate: 95%
5.characteristic: reliable welding, smooth surface , anti-corrosive, does not rust and easily clean.
6.Application: For air condition , cooling fan , motor , exhaust fan , radiator , computer , ventilation protection .

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