SD03010 30mm 3cm Fan Dc Industrial Micro Fan 30x30x10mm 3010 5V 12V Sleeve DC Cooling Fan

Short Description:

Model No:SD03010
SIZE: 30x30x10mm
Voltage:5 V 12V 24V
Bearing system: Rifle Bearing & Dual Ball bearing
Speed Range:±10%
Impedance Protected

Product Detail

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Notes: 1. Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice.

2. Design and Provide products according to customer requirements.


Frame: Thermoplastic PBT UL94V-0
Impeller:Thermoplastic PBT UL94V-0
★Leadwire: UL Type
RED WIRE Positive(+)
Black Wire Negative(-)
★Operation Temperature:-20 ℃~85 ℃(Ordinary Humidity)
★StorageTemperature:  -30 ℃~85 ℃(Ordinary Humidity)
Life Time: At Ambient temperature 25℃ and humidity 65%
Sleeve Bearing: 30,0000 Hours
Rifle Bearing: 40,0000 Hours
Ball Bearing: 50,0000 Hours
Fluid Dynamic Bearing:100,000 Hours
★Polarity protection: Reverse connection at the rated voltage will not cause any damage
★Supply Ability:
10000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
★Packaging Details
Industrial packing
Gift box
★Trade terms:
1. Shipment: FOB Shenzhen.
2. Payment: T/T, Western Union or Paypal.
3. Lead time: 15-30 days subject to order quantity.
4. Sample lead time: 3-7 days.

★ Applications

Our products are widely applicable in various kinds of fields, such as  Computer Case,Electric Welder,Humidifier/Air Purifier,Home Appliance, communication products,  Electronic Equipment, Office Equipment,  Vehichle System, Medical cosmetic Equipment, Home Theater Equipment, LED lighting Equipment, UPS Power System, intelligent bidet, Refrigeration industry and ventilation system,IT and telecom equipment,3D Printer etc…..

★ We can effect shipment by FEDEX ,DHL ,TOLL,ARAMEX,TNT,POST and EMS . The packaging is very safe and strong. Please notify us if you have any special needs.

Product FAQ

 Q1: Are you a factory or trading company ?

A1: Yes, we are the professional cooling fan factory.

Q2: What is DC Fan and AC fan?

A2: DC fan is power by DC voltage, always is 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V and 72V.
AC fan is power by AC voltage, always is 110V, 220V and 380V.

Q3: How to choose a DC fan?

A3: Sample

size 12025   120x120x25mm
voltage 12V
current 0.24A
speed 2200RPM
air flow 87.77CFM
noise 35.48dBA
bearing type double ball bearing
connector 4 pin molex 2564
wire 4 wires with 300mm length
function FG/ RD/ PWM/ Soft Start ……

 Q4: What can I do if I can not find the suitable fan model in the fan list?

Please contact us for customized fans.
*** If you want other high performance or other reqirements, please contact me for more details, thanks.
*** For Special Cooling Fan, Such as: moistureproof, waterprrof, turbocharger, soft start, reversible, temperature control, PWM speed control, the RD alarm and the FG signal etc, please contact me freely, thanks.

Starting voltage:
Refers to the minimum voltage at which the fan can be powered on.
The current consumed by the fan during normal operation is called the operating current; the fan deadlocks when it is powered on
The current consumed at the time is called the dead current; the unit of current is “Ampere”, use “A”
Rotating speed:
When the fan is running normally, the number of revolutions of the blades per minute is called the speed, which is called “RPM”
Operating Voltage:
The voltage required for the fan to work normally is called the working voltage.
Power lead wire:
The power cord required for the fan to energize, according to customer needs, can be unterminated, 2P with end, 3P
There are end wires, 4P has end wires, and large 4P wires; usually the wire length refers to the lead wire outside the frame.
During international operations, the bus is longer than the outside line.
Wind pressure and air volume:
Used to describe how much the finished fan blows. General wind pressure and air volume remain unchanged under other conditions
In this case, it is inversely proportional, and the wind pressure and air volume are determined by the shape and rotation of the fan blade itself.
Determined by the speed, the metric unit of wind pressure is “mm.H2O” (centimeters of water column), and the air volume
The unit is “CFM” (cubic feet per minute).
Noise value:
The loudness of the sound produced by the finished fan itself measured with a noise meter in a room with very low background noise
It is expressed by noise value, the unit is “dB(A)” (decibel+A weighted sound level).

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